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Skala, Kefalonia

Skala - village life on a southern beach

Skala is a bustling beach resort on the south-eastern coast of Kefalonia especially popular with British holidaymakers.

With a 3km-long sand and shingle beach, a good range of accommodation, and a village charm that will appeal to anyone, it is not surprising to see why.

Around 45 minutes to an hour (40km) from the island's airport, Skala offers stunning views over to the mainland and neighbouring Zakynthos.

In summer, the village comes alive and bustles with tourism. Skala has something for everyone, regardless of age and taste!

Its pine clad hills make an impressive backdrop to the village and on a clear day you can make out Kylini Castle.

Skala  has the right balance of everything. From the some of the best beaches to secluded spots and coves, you will not regret making Skala your holiday choice.

Skala seen from the air

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As a bustling village with a good tourist trade Skala has plenty of options when it comes to choosing a place to stay. More details about how to get to and from Skala and a choice of accommodation is available on our travel and hotels page.