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Lixouri, Kefalonia

Lixouri - Kefalonia's second town

Lixouri is the second largest settlement in Kefalonia but retains a very traditional feel. Located on the Paliki peninsula, this town is suited to those seeking a laid back and peaceful holiday, excellent beaches and local atmosphere.

The harbour at Lixouri

The town is situated across the bay from Argostoli. As with most of Kefalonia, Lixouri was devastated in the 1953 earthquake and so most of the town was rebuilt, although it retains a certain charm.

The main attraction in Lixouri is its village square, surrounded by bars and tavernas and with a cosmopolitan feel. By day, the locals come here to catch up over endless coffees and in the evening the bars come alive.

One of the statues in Lixouri

Lixourians are one of a kind, and tend to distance themselves from the rest of the island.

The harbour is adorned with statues from Gerogios Typaldos Lavokatos to the Bishop of Kerkini Ilias Miniatis, and local benefactor, Kalavrita Stamos Petritis.

However, the most famous is the bronze statue of Andreas Laskaratos, a satirical poet from the island.

His statue was placed in the town with its back to Argostoli on purpose to take a stance against the long running feud between Argostoli and Lixouri. The feud dates back to 1757 when the capital of the island was moved from Castro (the castle of St George) to Argostoli. This was not a popular decision with the locals of Lixouri and the grudge has been handed down through generations.

Argostoli can easily be reached in 25 minutes by a regular half-hourly ferry service. More details about how to get to and from Lixouri and a choice of accommodation is available on our travel and hotels page.


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