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About RealKefalonia

As mentioned on the homepage, the RealKefalonia website was originally set up by a couple of friends with an interest in letting people know more about the island than just the brochure-speak.

Fiona was born in Middle England, and has worked in travel for most of her life. Her journey took an unexpected turn and saw her move to the island in 2014. Fiona loves to spend her time exploring the island by foot, bike or car, in between bringing tourists to the island in her role in the travel industry on Kefalonia.

Steve is an ex-journalist currently living in Austria, who spent decades travelling and now puts his efforts into creating travel websites designed for independent travellers.

Website Imprint

Steve Rout
Feldweg 227/4
6108 Scharnitz
Tel.: +43 664 3020851

The RealKefalonia website aims to give a candid yet informative view of what life is like on the island. If you have any questions or suggestions or if you feel that the website should cover a particular topic, please feel free to contact us.

Petani Beach, Kefalonia